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We always have a selection of nice clean classics on display. Looking for a TR6 (Tiger) or a Bonnie? We have a row of them with more on the way!


As so many of our British motorcycle owners and customers have told us that they like to use the web as an additional way of knowing what is available, we are slowly revising our site and will continue to do so as and when new or additional products arrive and pages are completed. We have been a virtual constant source of SUPPLY for owners of BRITISH motorcycles for several decades.


We got into British bikes (literally) back in the sixties, in North London, England, building one off specials and customizing, from Tritons to café Commandos. Then as so many wanted to construct their own, developed a full line of parts for the home builders.  
These parts were sold via catalogue sales or over the counter.
We then took on Norton, Triumph and B.S.A., specializing in export sales so overseas customers were exempted from the heavy U.K. purchase tax.

In the early seventies, we then moved to Canada, unfortunately as the then current British motor motorcycle industry was falling apart. But even though the bikes were no longer being made, worldwide interest has made a big revival.
(Been to Barbers Vintage Festival lately?)
In the late nineties we opened a warehouse just outside Atlanta, Georgia.


We are five miles West of I285, the Atlanta ring road, or five miles North of I20, which runs East to West through Atlanta. Please see map.  

We are open Monday – Friday, 10.00 – 6.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 4.00.
However as we primarily ship out to customers all across the US and into Canada, please call first.


TEL. 770 948 4688. FAX 770 948 9386. E-MAIL: lrk2blk@bellsouth.net


In addition to stocking an extensive line of motorcycle parts, we also have a clear out section (Bargain Bin) and trade in British classics, from projects and basket cases through to some nice examples.

Please see the relevant section(s) that may interest you.

We have (or are in the process of making up) three catalogues.
We will post sections as completed.

1. British Classic Catalogue
This is for the owners of classic Nortons, Triumph and B.S.A.’a.

*New* As fresh stock arrives, we will introduce a ‘What’s Back in Stock’ section.
2. Replacement Parts for Japanese Motor motorcycles and ATVs
Some of the companies who supply replacement parts for British classics also manufacture many popular and often needed items for Oriental (and other) motor motorcycles and A.T.V.’S. Not only do many classic British riders own other machines, these after market products represent great savings over OEM to everyone.

3. Classic Custom/Café Collection
‘Tricking’ a bike out is far from a new concept, ranging from mild to radical. We offer some inexpensive ideas to restyle your bike the way you prefer.
This section is complete.

*New*. Please check back for any back in stock or new items.

We closed our repair shop in 2002. Although we appreciate all the hundreds of riders who have trusted us with their motor motorcycles, it became impossible to work on motor motorcycles and monitor thousands of numbers for our ever increasing parts business.
We do know good people across the U.S. and into Canada who have each had many years working on British classics. We would be more than happy to give you a contact number.

We have rebuilt many classics ‘in house’ but as core bikes and original parts, especially in good condition, became harder to find and requiring more work, it became impossible to carry on commercially. At least we have the satisfaction that dozens of  motor motorcycles we found probably would have been left to deteriorate and are now back on the road and being enjoyed.
We will still buy up collections and retiring dealers stock, so any project bikes or others we find from time to time will be offered for resale.

End of line clear outs, close outs, items of interest. Lots of final sale items for the Bargain Hunter.

UPS call daily. Personal customers are welcome at our pick up counter. However as we are primarily a distribution centre, we have no mechanics on duty to assist the d-i-y owner. In addition to parts, we stock workshop manuals and parts book that contain virtually all the information required for maintenance and restoration work.

We own a number of classics that will be put on display as work progresses. But unfortunately as much as we enjoy rebuilding our own and know that people enjoy looking at them, time is limited and slows the process.
We will feature each model as completed.
These are NOT for sale.