(6).                                 ELECTRICAL.


Lucas replica headlamp shells.


The perfect way to ‘Anglocise’ an Oriental motor cycle!

(For headlamp mounting brackets, please see page # 9 handlebar/brackets section).










           24-1501.                    24-1514.                     24-2001.


24-1501.      Varies.    Plain, 7”,  headlamp shell c/w rim, lower hole.


24-1512.      Univ.      Plain, 7”,  chrome h/lamp kit, c/w rim, clip and h/light pig tail.


24-1514.      Univ.      As 24-1512 above, but black shell.


24-2001.      Univ.      7” universal Halogen light unit, c/w H4 bulb. (Fits above units).


We also carry headlight rims and “W” clips.


Charging system.


24-2654.      1966-78.   Tympanium rectifier/diode for most British motor cycles. Single

                         phase solid state. Simply the best. To fit: 2 yellow wires to                         

                         alternator, black to battery, red to ground. Made in the U.S.A.

                         For Jap bikes, single phase, if negative earth, then black ground.



Ignition components.

24-2706.      Univ.      6V coil.

24-2707.      Univ.      12V coil. Idea RD350 Yamaha® etc.

24-2705.      Varies.    12V chrome custom twin outlet coil.



24-2503.      Varies.    H.T. wire set, moulded cap, 26” wire, coil boot and pick up clip.

                                  (Shorten H.T. wire as required).


Ignition switches.




24-0107.     Varies.    Universal ignition switch, three position, with instructions.


24-0991.     Varies.    Universal ignition switch, three position. Although copy of

                        Harley ® 71425-77, popular British/custom replacement.



Dipper switches.


24-0105.     Varies.    Miller replica.


24-0102.     Varies.    Universal dipper. 7/8” bars.


24-0103.     Varies.    Universal horn//dipper. 7/8” bars.      24-0102        24-0109


24-0109.     Varies.    Universal three position switch. Ideal many

                        custom application options, turn signals/horn

                        or hi/lo and horn. Includes wiring.                      


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                                 ELECTRICAL.                                       (7).


Brake switch.

24-0101.     Varies.    Universal pull on, c/w spring/clips.   


Horn or engine cutout switch.

24-0104.     Varies.    Universal replacement horn/kill button.


Rear light assemblies. Lucas replicas.                                   









      24-0212.                           24-0261.                      24-0265.


24-53269T.   1948-54.   All models, complete assembly.

24-573519T.  1948-54.   All models, lens.

24-0212.     1954-64/5. All models, complete assembly.          

24-0263.     1954-64/5. All models, lens.     

24-0261.     1965/6-73. All models, complete assembly.        

24-0260.     1965/6-73. All models, lens.     

24-0262.     1973-83.   All models, complete assembly.     

24-0265.     1973-83.   All models, lens.     



Turn signal assemblies and mini lights.

These replica Lucas assemblies give the vintage look to Hinckley Triumphs.


24-56605.    1971-80.   Short arm, 80mm.   

24-56606.    1971-80.   Long arm, 125mm.     

24-60600621. 1971-80.   Replacement lens.                                      24-56605/6.     


Mini lights.

Mini lights can be frame or fairing attached and for certain custom use, wired into 24-0109 three position bar switch for turn signals.


24-9501.    Varies.   Mk. II mini light – chrome, dual bulb, amber.


24-9502.    Varies.   Mini stem cats’ eye, chrome, neon.


24-9503.    Varies.   Mk. II mini light – polished, single bulb, dark amber.      24-9501.


24-9505.    Varies.   B.M.W. style bar end deco. lights. Sold paired.


24-9507.    Varies.   Mini stem cats’ eye, black, amber.


24-9508.    Varies.   Mk. II mini light – polished, single bulb, amber.       


24-35048T.  As req.   Harley® or British style ‘clicker box’, (turn signal regulator). 


24-0141.    6v horn,  black, 92mm., single hole mount.  


24-0142.    12V horn, black, 92mm., single hole mount.


24-0143.    12V horn, chrome, 102mm., two hole mount.


24-0144.    12V horn, chrome, 93mm., single hole mount.      


24-0146.    12V horn, chrome, 72mm., single hole mount.        24-0142.             24-0143   


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