(10).                  HANDLEBAR CONTROLS AND LEVERS.




Universal ‘Classic’ Levers.


Pre 60s British style levers for 7/8” or 1” bars,                              .

which used neither cable adjusters nor ball-end                               

lever arms. Ideal for many classic restorations.                                40-107L/R       

40-107R.     Brake  lever assembly, 7/8”.                                   

40-107L.     Clutch lever assembly, 7/8”.                         

40-117R.     Brake  lever assembly, 1”.                            

40-117L.     Clutch lever assembly, 1”.




Norton style – 69-70.                                                 


Supplied with ball end and screw in cable adjuster                           40-208L/R.      

with lock nut. Suit 7/8” bars.

40-208R.     Brake  lever assembly.

40-208L.     Clutch lever assembly.





Amal replica ‘cafe’ style.                                40-0108L/R.


Replica of the 60’s favourite, Amal style die cast.

Sleeve fitting, ball end. Screw in cable adjuster.


40-108R.     Brake  lever assembly.                                  

40-108L.     Clutch lever assembly.                                 





Triumph/B.S.A. replicas.                                    


Supplied with cable adjuster and lock nut.

(1963-64 left hand had a clamp integrally used for dipper switch and

1970 had mirror holes but can be used from 1963-70).


40-018951T.  Brake  lever assembly.                                               

40-018952T.  Clutch lever assembly.

40-018978T.  Brake  lever assembly with integral air lever.

40-018979T.  Clutch lever assembly with integral magneto lever, eg. R.G.S. =======================


In 1970, a mirror hole was introduced. Will replace 1963-69.


02-607022T.  Brake  lever assembly.      =                          

02-607021T.  Clutch lever assembly.(Also fitted 76-77 Triumph).


40-19978MT.  Brake  lever assembly, with integral air lever.  `


40-181708.   Cable adjuster, - 60-3585. (Used from 47-83).

40-181709.   Lock nut to adjuster, - 60-3586.






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                       HANDLEBAR CONTROLS AND LEVERS.                    (11).






Triumph pre unit replicas, Triumph 1”. 


40-217R.     Brake  lever assembly, ball end series.

40-217L.     Clutch lever assembly, ball end series, plain clamp.                   40-217L/R.             

40-018909T.  Clutch lever assembly, c/w dipper switch mounting clamp.




Console lever blades.                                                    


These alloy blades are replacements for the console units as fitted

to 1971-72 Triumphs and B.S.A.’s.


02-603583T.  Blade, alloy, drum brake.

02-603657T.  Blade, alloy, clutch.                  




Doherty 200 series replica lever assemblies.


Similar as fitted to the B.S.A. Spitfire and Hornet models,

these ‘competition’ levers were all the rage of the cafe crowd.


40-278R.     Brake  lever assembly.

40-278L.     Clutch lever assembly.                                        40-278L/R.                                                     







Tomasselli relicas.


These were the big sellers of the sixties, now available again

and looking good. Spare blades available separately.



40-109R.     Brake  lever assembly.

40-109L.     Clutch lever assembly.                                                      40-109L/R.

40-109BR.    Brake  lever blade.                                                         

40-109CL.    Clutch lever blade.                                 








Apart from British bikes, levers can be adapted to European or Japanese models.



40-012608T.  Air, magneto lever, ball end, right hand, 7/8”.

40-012609T.  Air, magneto lever, ball end, left  hand, 7/8”.

40-100/3T.   Air, magneto lever, flat end, right hand, 7/8”.

40-100/4T.   Air, magneto lever, flat end, left  hand, 7/8”.

40-100/3AT.  Air, magneto lever, flat end, right hand, 1”.

40-100/4AT.  Air, magneto lever, flat end, left  hand, 1”.


40-0205.     Decompression lever, ball end.                                40-012608T.


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