(16).                        MIRRORS.


Bar end (folding) mirrors.


Our most popular mirror and as are mandatory in many states, ideal for use with clip on bars where space is limited. Can easily be removed if required.







   48-0422. Chrome.                   48-0423. Black.                    48-0113, True Vision.



Universal replica of Harley® style mirrors.








            48-0908. Threaded arm.                   48-0909. Clamp on.


48-0908.  Universal replica of Harley ® style, short threaded arm, rectangular head.

          Can be fitted to 1970 on British type levers with mirror hole.


48-0909.  Universal replica of Harley ® style, clamp on fit, rectangular head.




Round tinted head, supplied with various length arms as indicated and three clamp sizes in each box, 3/4”, 7/8” and 1”.







48-0102.   Round tinted mirror assembly, 4” stem. (The # 1 choice).              

48-0103.   Round tinted mirror assembly, 8” stem.

48-0104.   Round tinted mirror assembly, 10” stem.






     48-0910.            48-0913/4.                48-0911.              48-0109.


48-0910.   Oval custom  mirror, universal, short threaded arm, left/right hand.          

48-0913.   True vision, universal Harley® style, left hand.       

48-0914.   True vision, universal Harley® style, right hand.        

48-0911.   Chrome 3” die cast body, rail back design, left/right hand.

48-0109.   Maltese cross.


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