The old traditional style split lens goggles, with

EV400 eye protection, adjustable strap and anti-fog

lens. Look the part on your custom!


64-9001. Vinyl, black.


64-9003. Leather, black.


64-9005. Leather, chrome frame,


64-9004. One piece goggle, anti fog lenses, leather. Black.



Shackle lock.

Vinyl coated steel shackle lock resists files, saws and

bolt cutters.


52-0161. Measures app. 14 x 5.


Supplied with two tubular keys.



Rotor (disc) lock.

Choose from two sizes, 72mm. or 95mm. Supplied with two round keys and the lock

unit itself has a bright yellow reminder for the rider that the lock is in place.


52-0162. 72mm. disc lock unit.


52-0163. 95mm. disc lock unit.




Nose cone fairing.

Great economical way to give a cafe racer look to bikes

such as Norton Commandos or the new Hinckley Triumph twins.

Gloss black finish.

Universal brackets and fitting instructions included.


57-0103. Black universal fairing. 57-0103.


57-0109. Replacement shield for 57-0103.



Throw over saddlebags.

Ideal for carrying your gear on a Sunday ride or to a rally as

Bags installed or removed in seconds.


Double lined nylon with internal stiffeners.

Shipped flat, dimensions 14 x 7 1/4 x 12.


52-3000. Throw over saddlebag set.




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Side stands.

Ideal for custom application, universal fitting side stand

manufactured from forged steel supplied as a complete

assembly including spring. Three sizes available.


52-0061. Sidestand for 7/8 diameter frame.


52-0062. Sidestand for 1 diameter frame.


52-0063. Sidestand for 1 1/8 diameter frame.



Tax disc holder.

These are as fitted to English motor cycles to display road tax license, stainless back with chrome ring, c/w mounting bracket. Finishing touch to an old British bike.


52-0126. U.K. tax disc holder.


Finned contact breaker cover.


52-0103. Finned contact breaker cover, 1963 on Triumph twins.



Muffler clips and brackets.


Clamp sizes shown are the internal dimensions. (Clamping bolt included).


35-0112. 1 1/2 i.d. clamp. 35-1112. 1 1/2 i.d. with 6 stem.

35-0158. 1 5/8 i.d. clamp. 35-1158. 1 5/8 i.d. with 6 stem.

35-0134. 1 3/4 i.d. clamp. 35-1134. 1 3/4 i.d. with 6 stem.

35-0178. 1 7/8 i.d. clamp. 35-1178. 1 7/8 i.d. with 6 stem.


Tapered air filter pods chrome ends.

These very popular universal clamp on tapered air filters can be fitted to many makes and models. We show some popular applications and internal mm. size as a general guide only.

Please measure your carb. before ordering.

31-4751. 28mm. Various mini bikes.

31-4752. 35mm. Various 80-100 street/dirt and CB400F.

31-4753. 39mm. DT/DR models, KZ400/550/650/69-76 CB750.

Also English 376/600 Amals.

31-4754. 42mm. GT250/350/380, GS400/450/1000, RD350/400.

31-4755. 48mm. CB550/750/900/1100, XS400, XT500.

Also English 900 series Amal concentric.

31-4756. 52mm. CB650/750, XS750/850/1100, KZ440/550.

31-4757. 54mm. XJ550/900, FJ600/1100/1200, GPz750/900.


Economy chain.

This priced right economy chain is ideal for British special/custom builders. It has the narrow side plates required for proper crankcase to countershaft sprocket area clearance.

This avoids the risk of using any universal 5/8 x 3/8 (530) chain.

Simply cut to suit. (If required we stock many pre cut sizes).


22-7002. 110 link rear drive chain.

22-7017. 120 link rear drive chain.

22-7024. 130 link rear drive chain.



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