THROTTLES.                                (17).



Standard British type replacements.


These are all supplied with a friction screw c/w a lock nut incorporated to set cable return to individual requirements.


Steel construction, chrome plated finish.










             41-0364.                     41-0071.                    41-0313.


41-0364.    Copy of the original 364 single throttle used on many British bikes as                                                      

            o.e.m. equipment. These are extra nice.


41-0071.    Single cable fitment. Suit T100S, Norton, TR6, A65T, 76 on T140  etc.


41-0313.    Twin pull cable fitment, to suit many T120s, T140s, A65L etc.


Custom or universal applications.








                41-0072.                  41-0906.                      41-0907.


41-0072.     7/8” chrome single cable set, supplied with both grips.                   


41-0906.     7/8” die cast dual cable set, supplied with both grips.                  


41-0907.     1” chrome single cable set, supplied with both grips.





These are replicas of the black Gran Turismo grips as fitted to many

British bikes from 250cc. to 750cc. Suit any 7/8” bar for retro. look.



43-2011A.    1968-75. Norton Commando.

             1966 on. Triumph/B.S.A.


43-2016.     Varies.  Pair of Amal replica grips from the 50/60’s.


43-2012.     Varies.  ‘Jack Hammer’ grips, 7/8” bars.                           


43-2013.     Varies.  ‘Jack Hammer’ grips, 1” bars.                


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