TOOLS. (18).



Vacuum guage kits.

The easy economical way to synchronise carbs. Includes

vacuum guage, hoses, adaptors, mounting plate and



Ideal for the d-i-y enthusiast.


Available for twins or four cylinder models.


45-0200. Four cylinder kit. .


45-0201. Twin cylinder kit.


Universal hand tools.






45-0067. 45-0106. 45-0161. 45-0160.


45-0067. Circlip (snap ring) pliers internal/external dual action.

45-0106. Valve spring compressor o.h.v. models.

45-0161. Chain breaker all sizes up to 530 5/8 x 3/8.

45-0160. Chain breaker heavy duty shop use for 420 through to most 630 chains.

45-0163. Chain riveting kit, for removing or installing cam chains.







45-0015. 45-0056. 45-0302. 45-0071.

45-0015. Spark plug wrench 3-way type, 10/12/14mm.

45-0054. Tyre lever, 15 heavy duty - curved end. Forged steel.

45-0055. Tyre lever, 16 heavy duty straight. Forged steel.

45-0056. Tyre lever, 9 1/2. Forged steel.

45-0302. Piston ring compressor 60/65mm.

45-0303. Piston ring compressor 65/70mm.

45-0304. Piston ring compressor 70/75mm.

45-0071. 9 lock wire twisting pliers a must for fast/competition classic riders.

45-0018. Rim protector to avoid damaging rims during tyre changes




45-0072. 45-0073. 45-0016. 45-0074.

45-0072. Impact driver, 3/8 square, 4 bits. Metal storage case.

45-0073. Half amp. trickle charger. Q/A plug in, no need to remove battery.

45-0016. Heavy duty forged shock adjuster wrench.

45-0074. Heavy duty spring hook.


British size wrench/socket sets.

Up until around 1968, virtually all hardware required the use of British size wrenches and was slowly replaced by American sizes into the early seventies. Numerous models featured both!


45-3146. Set of seven open end wrenches.

45-9998. Set of eight sockets, 3/8 drive.

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