TRITON BUILDERS.                    (3).      


Although we stock a full line of Triumph engine and Norton forks and wheel rebuild parts, this section shows a number of items that are of particular interest to the Triton builders.


Triton engine plates.

These are the exactly the same pattern as we used back in the sixties.


37-0300.     1954-69. Triton plates, using pre unit alternator Triumph engine

                      with 1958-62 slick shift gearbox into a 1960-69 Norton  

                      Dominator, 650SS or Atlas frame.

                      If you are using the pre 1960 generator engine OR pre 60

                      Wideline frame, simply cut the front plate down to suit.

                      Spacers included.


37-0301.     1963-74. Triton plates using unit 650/750 Triumph into featherbed

                      frame. Spacers included.

                      Please note 76 on 750 twin engines will fit but these

                      have a left hand gear shift pattern. The fitter either

                      converts back to right hand or makes up footrest controls

                      to work cycle parts designed for a right hand brake.


Fork tubes.

If you are fitting clip on handlebars, the original (pre 1971) British fork tubes were plain steel, which often rusted under the protective covers, sometimes quite badly. We supply pre Commando tubes in hard chrome to suit all 54-69 Roadholder forks.


01-067714T.  1954-69. Fork tube, hard chrome, suit pre Commando Featherbed.  


(Please note. We stock tubes for British classics from the 50’s-70’s. We also

keep all the parts required for fork overhauls).



To suit the Norton slimline frame, we offer two types of shocks, original shrouded type, or with exposed chrome springs ‘café’ style.


21-6237T.    1960-69. Pr. slimline shocks, covered.


21-6237CT.   1960-69. Pr. slimline shocks, chrome springs.


21-64532778. All.     Chrome shock cover. As fitted by many customisers over

                      part of the top section of the shock spring.


(Please note. We stock a full line of replacement shocks for British classics,

including covered and chrome spring variants).


Wheel rims.

Many of the Tritons and café racers of the sixties fitted H-section (or shouldered) alloy rims. You still can!


01-067712H.  1956-69.  WM2 x 19 front rim. Often used on the rear too.

01-067712SK.           Spoke/nipple set, standard.

01-067712SS.           Spoke/nipple set, polished stainless.


01-067838H.  1956-69.  WM3 x 18 rear rim.

01-067838SK.           Spoke/nipple set, standard.

01-067838SS.           Spoke/nipple set, polished stainless.


(Please note. We stock many rims in regular or triple plate chrome for many other British classics. Plus some in alloy and spoke/nipple sets in a choice of regular or polished stainless).


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