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We have the fastest growing parts department in the South East, if not the U.S.! Parts are obtained from both within the U.S. or overseas, all we care about is that the product does the job. We stock a number of genuine Norton parts in addition to what is normally needed to keep your Triumph or B.S.A. on the road or keep it running.

We are open Monday-Friday 10.00 – 6.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 4.00. In addition U.P.S. call daily to pick up shipments, which are made via Visa or MasterCard. Please note orders are taken ‘on line’, which means we can tell you immediately if an item is in stock. We will then only charge for those parts shipped. The only time we charge for anything not shipped is for a non returnable deposit or payment for an item obtained at that time on your request. This is stated on your invoice.

For the do it yourself enthusiast, we stock Haynes or factory style workshop manuals and parts books, just as the dealer used for information years ago. Now you have access to the same facts and figures. If you are not sure of the year, please give us the engine (and frame) numbers so we can tell you the year of those components. However if the bike is customized, figuring out the ‘correct’ parts can become difficult, but if your motor cycle is stock, these books are essential for ease of ordering.

We sold new Nortons, Triumphs and B.S.A.’s in England. Can we put our product knowledge to work for you?


We have (or are in the process of making up) three catalogues.
We will post sections as completed.

1. British Classic Catalogue
This is for the owners of classic Nortons, Triumph and B.S.A.’a.
*New* As fresh stock arrives, we will introduce a ‘What’s Back in Stock’ section.

2. Replacement Parts for Japanese Motor Cycles and ATVs.
Some of the companies who supply replacement parts for British classics also manufacture many popular and often needed items for Oriental (and other) motor cycles and A.T.V.’S. Not only do many classic British riders own other machines, these after market products represent great savings over OEM to everyone.

3. Classic Custom/Café Collection
‘Tricking’ a bike out is far from a new concept, ranging from mild to radical. We offer some inexpensive ideas to restyle your bike the way you prefer.
This section is complete.